Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ultra reality artist and consummate car guy Peter Maier turns a classic custom Merc into ‘Jaws.’
The former General Motors designer who brought us the incredible full-scale painting on aluminum of Bill Mitchell’s 1959 Corvette Sting Ray racecar, is at it again. Now he’s working on a redder-than-red Merc with “teeth.”

In 2007 Pete Maier was with his friend Karl Weiler at the huge Rhinebeck, NY (Dutchess County Fairgrounds) Hot Rod Show and was mesmerized by a stunning customized Candy Apple Mercury.

“I saw a shark in it. By blocking out the windshield, headlights and lower bumper, I visualized the lower lip of the hood curling under like a Great White and the vertical grille as teeth. The results: Jaws,” said Maier.

“As red as this piece is, there are no reds used! To achieve this ‘eye-burning’ effect, I applied oranges layered over with custom magenta paint. At 56 x 84 inches, it overpowers the viewer which is exactly what I’ve tried to accomplish,”

If you plan on viewing it, you had better bring sunglasses!

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