Friday, March 26, 2010


In the rarified air of mega-priced Super Sport Sedans, Cadillac’s high-velocity ‘V’ kicks ass and takes names!
Here comes trouble!

By now there’s hardly an enthusiast around who doesn’t know that the CTS-V and a generation of C6 Corvettes have spent development time at Nurburgring’s legendary Nordschleife. Racer and retired GM engineer and head of its Performance Division, John Heinricy with support from Vice-Chairman Robert “Maximum Bob” Lutz, have lead the charge to create world-class performance vehicles. GM, following in the tire tracks of Europe’s luxury-performance carmakers, has been using the ‘Ring for sorting out its specialty models for a few years.

The CTS-V earned its bragging rights after Heinricy set a 7.59-minute lap record for production sedans at Nurburgring. Certainly impressive. But how well does it perform in the real world? Can it cut it on the street or a drag strip? Hey, just look at the V’s stats: O to 60 mph in the mid-4s, 0 to 100 in under 10 seconds and low-to-mid 12-second quarters with trap speeds between 112-115 mph. Thanks to sophisticated engine management and limited slip rear, maximum torque distribution to the pavement is ultra smooth without traces of wheel hop.