Saturday, March 26, 2011


Lance Reventlow loved nothing more than a challenge and, in the late-1950s, he challenged the world’s best sports racers with an all-American car. Mike Gulett blogs about the original Scarab and we add info about the (Continuation) Scarab, below, you can buy today.
Two years before Lance Reventlow (19) was old enough to compete in SCCA racing, he already owned and had raced a Cooper-Climax T39 Bobtail and a Maserati 200S! Heir to the Woolworth fortune, Reventlow was Cary Grant’s stepson and, on his 21st birthday, inherited in today’s money, very close to $100 million. While racing in Europe in 1957, he visited a number of racecar constructors including Lister where they built the almost unbeatable Lister-Jaguar. He felt that he could do better with an American car powered by a Corvette engine. The result: The incredibly sexy Scarab. The rest is history.