Friday, March 23, 2012


Maserati’s Sailing Team has started its record run from Miami to New York City. Road Test Editor, Howard Walker sailed with the crew on its two-day trip bringing the yacht to Miami.

“Fast cars are a lot of fun, but a 70-foot carbon fiber (rocket ship) race boat is something else. Especially when you get to helm the beast,” says our intrepid tester, above.

Italian, German, Spanish and American sailors, largely known for their independent offshore sailing expeditions, have come together in a quest to set a new pace for speed on the water under sail. The impressive collection of globetrotting extreme sailors collectively have more than one million miles of experience offshore.
Italian Giovanni Soldini, above, left, leads the rogue crew of eight, including German Boris Hermann (Navigator), and American Brad Van Liew and Spaniard David Vera (Watch Leaders). They set out today from Miami, Florida aboard the VOR70 Maserati to establish the official monohull record from Miami to New York City (947 nautical miles).
This ambitious race against time is one of several records that Giovanni Soldini, at the helm, above, and his international crew aboard Maserati will attempt in the months ahead. From New York City they will sail to Cape Lizard (2,925 miles).

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